Hair Dryer 531

Price: £59.99 + shipping 
Hair Dryer 531
Price: £59.99 + shipping 


Thousands of watts from one turbine

A wind turbine that scoops air rather than simply propelling it goes to create a powerful stream of hot air. Driven by a titanium and ceramic coated 2400 watt direct current motor that can supply all the hot air power you need.

2400 Watt Power Boost, courtesy of a long life DC motor
AC blower design
Lightweight construction
Argan Oil & Keratin infused
Constant ionisation
Stying nozzle & volume diffuser

For hair that shines

A ceramic coated exit grille ensures that there are no uneven heat spots that can dry out and damage hair, plus the styling nozzle is coated with argan oil molecules that enhance the airstream creating smoother hair and quicker styling.

Style like a pro with Cool Shot

The best thing about a controlled blast of cold air is that it closes the pores on the hair as you style, fixing your style faster, producing a lustrous, healthy shine.

Because sometimes size matters

You don't have to get bogged down in airstream physics to know that the smaller the nozzle, the faster the airflow and the greater degree of precision control you have to work with. And precision power means higher accuracy and better styling.

Even more cool features

Why did Carrera choose a DC motor? Because DC motors are lighter than AC motors, and they wanted the best power-to-weight ratio. The dryer weighs just 576 grammes with styling nozzle.

Titanium ceramic coating

Ceramics have high mechanical rigidity; titanium resists corrosion and extreme temperatures really effeciently. Used together, they also enable the DC motor to rev much higher and faster.

Constant ionization

You want to dry and style your hair, not charge it with static electricity. That’s why it feeds ions into the airstream constantly. Ions help by smoothing the hair for a lustrous look.

We love details

All products are presented on Carrera yellow background with a little text information about the product's key features. All packaged up a ready to go with style.

Everything inside

Carrera packages only reveal what’s inside them. And that is something they are proud of. So they dispense with superfluous advertising phrases and only reveal who they are: Carrera.

Salon-style accessories

This hairdryer comes complete with a styling nozzle and diffusor. The styling nozzle has an extra-powerful airstream design for precision, while the diffusor is for maximum volume.

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You're good to go, straight out of the box
You're good to go, straight out of the box

Product specs
  • 2400 W power
  • Power boost: durable DC motor with titanium and ceramic coating and AC turbine
  • Ceramic coated air outlet grille ensures an even heat distribution and eliminates heat spots on the hair
  • Permanently ionised
  • Air flow infused with argan oil & keratin for perfectly shiny hair
  • 3 heating levels / 2 speed levels
  • Cool shot
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Protection against overheating
  • Lightweight construction with only 576 gram (with styling nozzle)
  • Removable air inlet filter
  • Colour: CRR Graphite Grey / Titanium
  • Accessories: styling nozzle, volume diffuser

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