Carrera Shaver 421

Price: £99.99 + shipping 
Carrera Shaver 421
Price: £99.99 + shipping 


Although this may be the 521's little brother - don't let its size fool you - This shaver still packs a mighty punch, showing rough stubble no mercy with its two precision shaving foils and cutting equally clean edges with its integrated trimmer.

A digital display that works for you

From letting you know the shaver is in travel mode, to letting you know when it's time for a re-charge or informing you that the battery is flat, the bright and informative digital display is there to help. And even if you are alerted to a flat battery, simply plug your shaver in to the mains and continue your shave while it charges.

When it comes to blades, you can't have too many.

The secret of efficient shaving lies in the application of numerous sharp blades over a large area, all at the same time. The Carrera shaver uses a 4-Track system over 3 shaver foils. It also sports an integrated trimmer that serves as a preparatory pre-shave boundary that precedes the main cutting edges, ensuring the shaver glides smoothly and gently as you shave. And with an integrated trimmer for sharp contours and clean-cut edges, there's no need to switch tools for those finishing touches.

Quick recharging with no memory effect

Old style lithium batteries can soon become confused and loose their ability to recharge fully due to their annoying 'memory effect' tendencies - Carrera tools use only high-performance lithium-ion batteries that can store an impressive 800mAh and most importantly they have no memory effect. Now you can shave for a full hour on a single charge and even when totally flat, the 5 minute Power Boost quick recharge feature is all you need for a single shave.

Even more cool features
Integrated trimmer

Why switch tools when you want to detail? With an integrated trimmer, you can tidy up straight away. This function simply flips out from the main shaver body and gives you precise control.

Removable shaving head

Unfortunately with use shaver's do get a little dirty. The shaving system can be removed for easy cleaning under warm water. Clean blades shave longer and more gently.

Always ready to go

The easy to read digital display indicates your battery charge. But even if you need a shave but your battery is flat – just plug your shaver in and carry on while it recharges.

Protective bag

Make sure your shaver looks good when travelling! Since shaving foils are very delicate, you should not forget the protective cap either. All bagged up and ready to go!

We love details

Carrera tools come beautifully packaged. All tools are presented on Carrera yellow background with a little text about the key features.

Charging via USB

Forgot your mains adapter? Never mind, you can just charge your Carrera shaver straight from your USB port, for example using your laptop or a USB port in your vehicle.

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Because Carrera tools are too beautiful for the drawer

Even when your appliance isn't in use it should still be nice to look at. That's why Carrera developed a universal charging base for all its grooming tools.

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You're good to go, straight out of the box
You're good to go, straight out of the box

Product specs
  • 3-track cutting system with integrated long hair trimmer and 2 spring-loaded cutting blades
  • Wet & Dry shaver
  • Tool completely washable under runninng water
  • Rechargeable/mains-operated for cord and cordless use
  • High-performance lithium battery
  • Flexible USB charge possible, on devices with a max. of 5 V/1000 mAh of power
  • Integrated precision trimmer
  • Digital LED display to indicate the battery state, travel lock, request to charge the appliance
  • Full power charge: 90 min
  • Boost charge function: 5 min charge for one single shave
  • Operating time: 45 min
  • USB mains adapter, storage pouch, cleaning brush, protective cap
  • Colour: CRR Graphite Grey / Titanium

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