Carrera Trimmer

Price: £79.99 + shipping 
Carrera Trimmer
Price: £79.99 + shipping 


High tech materials make for a high performance trimmer.

When it comes to using the best materials for the job, Carrera have not held back in their use of premium grade steel that is not only incredibly sharp but also holds it edge superbly. And with the beard trimmer having a cutting head of just 35mm wide, you can work on those tight corners and awkward curves with total accuracy.

Keeping your distance

With your beard now the perfect length, you'll want it to stay there. The included comb attachments range from 4mm to 14 mm, leaving you always in control.

Beauty in the details

Millimetres may sound very small, but there's still room for even greater accuracy. The trimmer's precision adjuster is accurate to fractions of a millimetre: 0.8 and 1.2 and 1.6 and 2.0 mm giving you absolute control of the finest details.

Even more cool features
Removable cutting head

Even the sharpest stainless steel cutting head enjoys a nice clean and a drop of oil now and again. And it will repay you with maximum cutting performance.

LED Display

Check your battery’s charge level or your fine adjustment setting at a glance. Travel lock status? Yes. There’s even a charge prompt for when the charge level gets low.

Lithium battery

The powerful, fast-charging battery pack makes you independent of mains power. Your Lithium-Ion battery will even forget there’s such a thing as a memory effect.

We love details

Carrera products come beautifully packaged. All tools are presented on a Carrera yellow background with a little text informing about the key features.

Protective bag

A storage bag is great for all your accessories when travelling, and also protects your appliance from sharp edges, and the attachment combs from loss and misplacing.

Charging via USB

Forgotten your mains adapter? Never mind, you can just charge your Carrera tool via USB, for example using your laptop.

One attachment for all

It's got it all! This beard comb attachment goes from 4–14 mm to give your beard the exact style you had in mind. It adjusts infinitely for maximum precision.

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Because Carrera tools are too beautiful for the drawer

Even when your appliance isn't in use it should still be nice to look at. That's why Carrera developed a universal charging base for all its grooming tools.

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You're good to go, straight out of the box
You're good to go, straight out of the box

Product specs
  • Professional stainless steel cutting system with titanium coated cutting blade
  • Removable cutting system for easy cleaning under running water
  • Variable attachment comb for different cutting lengths: 4–14 mm
  • Cutting length fine adjustment integrated in the appliance: 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2.0 mm
  • Rechargeable/mains-operated for cord and cordless use
  • High-performance lithium battery with flexible USB charge possible, on devices with a max. of 5 V/1000 mAh of power
  • Power charge: 90 min
  • Operating time: 60 min
  • Digital LED display to indicate the cutting length, battery state in %, travel lock and the request to charge the appliance
  • Colour: CRR Graphite Grey / Titanium
  • USB mains adapter, cleaning brush, oil, 1 variable cutting length attachment, storage pouch

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