Deliciousness: It's all in the mix

Whether you're a budding baker, pizza perfectionist or master of the sweet and tasty, the Carrera hand mixer is your go to tool when it comes to creativity in the kitchen. It's stainless steel dough hooks and whisks will do the hard work leaving you free to create to your hearts content. With its powerful 300 watt motor, 4 speed settings and even a turbo-boost for when you're in a hurry, the Carrera hand mixer is your very own secret sous chef, assisting you in the creation of delicious cupcakes, crepes and crumbles along with savoury breads, buns and baguettes.

Deliciousness: It's all in the mix

Open ended handle - You'll easily grasp the benefits.

With an elegantly designed open ended handle you can choose to hold your mixer in the way that feels most comfortable for you. Just another cool design feature of the Carrera hand mixer, giving you easy to grasp benefits from start to finish.

The power to perform.

The Carrera hand mixer boasts a raft of well designed features and impressive power that will allow you to enjoy countless hours of effortless beating, whisking and kneading.

The deliciousness is in the detail.

When it comes to baking and making delicious desserts power and stamina are good things to have, but often it's the subtle details that set one product far out in front of the others. So along with the innovative, ergonomic open ended handle Carrera gave its hand mixer a practical spiral power cord for tangle-free use and compact storage. Plus they included a non-slip silicon pad on its base for handy stable countertop standing, whether wet, dry or covered in flour!

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