Whether you're male, female or somewhere in-between, unruly eyebrows can often ruin your look

They may be small and fine, but the hairs above your eyes have a big impact on the overall appearance of your face.

Whether you're male, female or somewhere in-between, unruly eyebrows can often ruin your look


Properly groomed brows can make eyes appear larger or smaller. Like any hair zone, brows need to be plucked and trimmed in order to look well groomed. Here again, the right tool determines how easily and accurately you can remove a few little hairs. These days, people use brow trimmers instead of small combs and nail scissors. Tweezers are ideal for the finishing touches – but with fine hairs around the brow, it’s definitely possible to trim brows painlessly.


Not that many really: Cut, shave, wax or pluck.

Each method has its pros and contras, and errors always show. Until recently, classical eyebrow shaving was for men only. But now cosmetic trimmers with small trimming heads are so flexible, they can remove the finest ladies’ hairs gently and precisely too. It’s fast, pain-free, and the results are just as good as with hair removal methods such as waxing or plucking. Trimming with a shaver is quite difficult because the hair zone is so small. So shave by all means – but for a perfect arch, be sure to use the right tool.


Eyebrow trimming is an essential part of your grooming agenda. Here are a few tips for the best results with a cosmetic trimmer:

  1. For a perfect trim, choose the eyebrow form that best suits the shape of your face and the thickness of your brows. For a natural look, make sure the highest point of the brow is above the pupil of your eye.
  2. Before trimming, clean your eyebrow zone with a face cleanser; removing the natural oil makes it easier to trim.
  3. Comb your eyebrows in the direction of growth, using a fine brow brush. The comb attachment on trimmers lifts hairs slightly, so it shaves more accurately than the „ freehand comb-and-nail scissors method“.
  4. Before you fine-tune by plucking, draw the desired shape with an eyebrow pen.
  5. Move the trimmer carefully across, just above and to the sides of your brows.

Tip for men: you want two eyes, two brows, and nothing in between. A cosmetic trimmer turns a monobrow into two eyebrows. And while you’re at it, do the bridge of your nose too if necessary. Since hairs take a while to grow back, it’s good to work in a setting that helps you get the best results. Decent lighting is a must; daylight is perfect. Ideally, use a cosmetic trimmer with an integrated light that makes fine hairs even easier to see. A magnifying mirror helps to ensure you don’t veer off course. Less is more, and beginners in particular should work towards the desired result in small steps. Start by removing less, or use a comb as a cutting edge. You can always go back and make corrections.


Once you’ve trimmed your eyebrows perfectly, the skin there needs regular care too. We recommend various oils:

Almond oil: Put a few drops on your eyebrow brush, then comb a few times against the direction of growth. Finish by combing your brows into shape, then remove the almond oil with a cotton wipe. Oil your brows around four times a week.

Castor oil: Always apply the oil in the direction of growth without rubbing it to and fro. Ideally, leave the oil to work for two hours.

Olive oil: Naturally, you can use pure olive oil too. Massage it in, then let it work for ten minutes before removing it with a cosmetic wipe. For extra care, apply a moisturising cream.

Once you’ve got the theory and are ready to style, we have the perfect cosmetic trimmer for you.

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