High tech for your toast

Most cheap toasters have outdated wire heating elements. Quartz ceramic heating elements are the modern alternative; they emit no formaldehyde, use less electricity, toast more evenly and are easy to clean.

High tech for your toast

Quartz ceramic toast anyone? Yes please!

Quartz ceramic elements consistently toast evenly every slice and they will never overheat and fail. Quartz ceramic technology is long lasting, energy efficient and does not give off harmful formaldehyde fumes.

Quartz toasters make everything wonderfully crisp.

Your bread is automatically centred by the four glass-coated quartz ceramic heating elements. The mirror finish chambers reflect the heat evenly for perfect toasting. Even during toasting marathons you'll get consistent results, slice after slice. Whether you're toasting bread, rolls, pitas or paninis, you'll get perfect results every time from either fresh or frozen. And with no exposed hot electrical wires a quartz ceramic toaster is a lot safer to use.

The perfect tan for every slice.

When it comes to dark or pale toast, everyone has their own personal preferences. The digital control unit has 9 precision settings for the perfect shade, slice after slice. The practical memory feature lets you store your favourite settings easily, and the visual countdown means that you are in total control of your toast's tan.

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