Mix, Crush, Steam & Cook

The Carrera blender is your perfect secret helper in the kitchen. At up to 20,000 rpm it is perfect for a cooling summer smoothie or a heart warming creamy winter soup. With its unrivalled footprint to power ratio it is the perfect tool for your countertop, giving you the ability to mix, crush, steam and even cook the perfect meal with just the touch of a button. Let your creative culinary mind explore the endless vitamin filled and delicious possibilities.

Mix, Crush, Steam & Cook

1,500 watts of soup blending power at your fingertips.

When it comes to super-foods, nothing beats a vitamin filled soup. The Carrera blender not only has automatic presets for smooth or chunky but it can also heat your soup to the perfect temperature in just a few minutes.

It's all on one dial.

The designers at Carrera didn't just concentrate on their blender's astonishing good looks and outstanding performance, they also made sure that, unlike other blenders, all the controls are clear, simple, intuitive and available on one easy to use dial. All you need to do is hit the start button and relax while the Carrera blender does the rest. Or switch to manual control and set the time, speed and cooking temperature yourself and get creative.

Less hassle, more vitamins.

Nowadays taking the healthy option isn't just for top athletes and relying on fussy to make shop-bought protein shakes can be a real hassle. With the Carrera blender you can make the perfect vitamin filled power shake in seconds and steam organic vegetables without boiling away all the vitamins, ensuring that your chosen healthy ingredients remain healthy from the farmers market to the fork.

I've got a crush on you… why? because you're mine (nearly)

With its strong glass jug, designed to easily withstand the rigours of crushing ice, berries and frozen vegetables at speeds of up to 20,000 rpm, the Carrera blender makes short work of preparing the coolest of tall tasty drinks and expertly blending exciting fruity cocktails. And you'll always be able to see what's going on inside due to the Carrera blender's high quality glassware, that won't become cloudy with use, like other inferior quality plastic jug blenders often do.

A blender that cooks pasta? It's a kind of magic!

When it comes to having a few tricks up its sleeve, the Carrera blender is the perfect culinary magician's assistant. You've already relaxed with a cool drink, made a healthy smoothie and tucked into a hearty soup, so what's next? guess it's time to make a delicious pasta meal appear... Ta-dah!

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