More blades and more power

Shaving should be quick and clean - but often the quicker you go the less clean the shave becomes. But add more super sharp blades into the mix and you've got the best of both worlds: a shave that's both quick and superbly smooth and clean. Creating smooth areas against sharp contours into fashionable stubble, whatever your look, wet or dry.

More blades and more power

When it comes to blades, you can't have too many.

The secret of efficient shaving lies in the application of numerous sharp blades over a large area, all at the same time. The Carrera shaver uses a 4-Track system over 3 shaver foils. It also sports an integrated trimmer that serves as a preparatory pre-shave boundary that precedes the main cutting edges, ensuring the shaver glides smoothly and gently as you shave. And with an integrated trimmer for sharp contours and clean-cut edges, there's no need to switch tools for those finishing touches.

Dexterity and agility built in.

With blades mounted on more than one swivel axis, the Carrera shaver can track your facial count ours effortlessly. And more blades make for more cutting performance producing the perfect close shave.

A digital display that works for you.

From letting you know the shaver is in travel mode, to letting you know when it's time for a re-charge or informing you that the battery is flat, the bright and informative digital display is there to help. And even if you are alerted to a flat battery, simply plug your shaver in to the mains and continue your shave while it charges.

Quick recharging with no memory effect.

Old style lithium batteries can soon become confused and loose their ability to recharge fully due to their annoying 'memory effect' tendencies - Carrera tools use only high-performance lithium-ion batteries that can store an impressive 800mAh and most importantly they have no memory effect. Now you can shave for a full hour on a single charge and even when totally flat, the 5 minute Power Boost quick recharge feature is all you need for a single shave.

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