Salon style every time with Carrera

To get professional styling and drying results at home, you need the right tool: a Carrera hairdryer with a powerful AC motor. That’s what’s at the heart of every professional salon tool. With 2,400 watts, the Carrera AC Hairdryer can accelerate the controlled airstream to speeds faster than a hurricane! Plus it has all the features you'd expect from a salon quality styling tool.

AC motors – for true salon power that lasts.

They may weigh a little more, but with that slight extra weight comes a whole heap of extra power. And this power to weight ratio is exactly what a professional stylist is looking for in a quality styling tool. That comes in at 2,400 watts for those who are counting. And with a perfectly balanced weight of only 984g the ergonomic rubber accented handle makes it easy to keep a firm and controlled grip on all that power.

Power and precision - what a show-off!

Why do professional salon stylists use narrower nozzles than your home hairdryer? Because they want precision power...

It's easier to style precisely and creatively when you use a narrower nozzle, particularly when using a round brush. And the narrower the nozzle the more powerful the air flow. It's these sort of differences that make the Carrera hairdryer the choice of professionals.

Millions of ions at your fingertips.

You can't actually see an ion, but you'll be really happy that these little negatively charged atoms are there. The ions mix into the airstream as they flow from the ion generator, wrapping themselves around your hair follicles creating a smooth, fizz-free, lustrous result. Also your hair dries much quicker, which is a welcome bonus. The ioniser can be switched on and off to suit your styling requirements.

Blow dry with argan oil & keratin - otherwise it's just hot air.

Both these ingredients are fantastic for your hair. And the air nozzle exit grille is coated with argan oil and keratin molecules, enhancing the warm airstream and creating a true spa experience at home.

When it comes to desired products that enhance the health of your hair you cannot do better than argan oil and Keratin - a very powerful combination. Argan oil is one of the most valued plant-based hair treatment oils and provides essential moisture while strengthening roots and helping prevent split ends. Keratin helps your hair remain tangle and frizz free while boosting elasticity and adding volume.

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