Want to cut your own hair at home and not make a total hash of it?

Here's our step by step guide to keeping your hair neat and tidy when you can't or don't want to go to the barbers

Want to cut your own hair at home and not make a total hash of it?

Between work, family, social life and sporadic lockdowns, scheduling an appointment to see your barber can often fall to the wayside. Add in the fact that having to go so often to maintain your look can quickly become very expensive, and the idea of learning how to cut your own hair starts looking that much better!

What you need to cut your own hair with clippers.

  1. Hair Clippers + Comb Attachments
  2. Comb
  3. Mirror
  4. Hair Scissors

Hair length numbers 101

Before we jump into how to cut your own hair, it is important for us to break down the hair length numbers, or guards, in detail. Some hair clippers provide numbered guards, either as attachments or built-in to the device. With Carrera hair clippers, simply attach either one of the two adjustable comb attachments for lengths between 4mm - 19mm or 21mm - 36mm. Alternatively use the thinning comb to subtly reduce the volume of over-thick hair.

Ready? well here we go...

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair

Clean hair will make it easier cutting your own hair as greasy hair tends to stick together and get caught in the hair clippers. Be sure to comb your hair and that it is completely dried before cutting as wet hair doesn’t lay the same as dry hair, and can result in a different look than what you were going for.

Step 2: Cut your hair in a comfortable place

Be sure that you have access to a mirror and water prior to cutting your own hair with hair clippers. From there, section your hair to how you normally wear it or would like to wear it.

Step 3: Start cutting

After choosing the hairstyle you would like, set your hair clippers to the corresponding guard (usually a lower number) that you need to start with. From there, begin cutting the sides and back of your hair. With the blade's edge, trim from the bottom of the sides to the top. Tilt the clipper blade at an angle as you work to create an even fade with the rest of your hair. Repeat this process on the other side of your head before moving to the back, making sure each side is even as you go along.

Step 4: Trim the back of your hair

Once the sides of your hair are complete, trim the back of your head, moving from the bottom to the top as you did with the sides. It takes time to learn how to cut the back of your own hair so be sure to go slow. To make sure you're cutting evenly, hold a mirror behind you so you can check your progress as you cut. Use the same guard length on the back and sides of your hair unless your hairstyle calls for something different.

Step 5: Give yourself a fade

Next, go over the lower half of your hair with your clippers on a lower guard than what you started with to fade out your hair. Work slowly while using your hair clippers to ensure as even of a fade as possible. Be sure to lift your hair as you approach your temples and earlobes.

Step 6: Use scissors or a comb to help

Using hair scissors, begin trimming the top of your hair in sections. Household scissors do not suffice as they are not sharp enough to cut your hair. Use your fingers or a comb to raise the hair from the top of your head so that your hair is parallel to the front of your hairline. Be sure to work slowly and carefully in 1/4 inches/6 millimeters sections. As you trim, pull a little of the previously cut section into the new section as a guideline. Always start with conservative cuts, working your way to the length you desire.

Step 7: Refine your hair

Once your cut is complete, use a mirror to check your sides and the back of your head to make sure everything is even. Comb your hair straight out and grab a horizontal section from about the same point on each side of your head to see if the sections are the same length. A good rule of thumb is to always cut a little less to start and touch up more later.

Step 8: Cut your sideburns

Using your hair clippers or a razor, cut your sideburns beginning from the bottom to the top to your desired length. Use the depression below your cheekbone to determine where the bottom should be. Place your fingers below each sideburn to make sure they are the same length.

Step 9: Make final touches on your haircut

With your hair or beard clippers, taper your nape, or neckline. Start with a grazing cut at the top of the neckline, then cut progressively closer as you work toward the nape. Once you are finished with the cut, rinse your head to remove any loose strays that are caught in your hair or on your neck and face. After towel drying, style as desired.

If you fancy having a go at becoming your own stylist why not take a look at our Hair Clippers No.622 - With a titanium-coated ceramic blade, built-in precision adjustment and a high performance battery that lasts an hour on a single charge, when it comes to going up against the Carrera clipper, hair doesn't have a follicle to stand on.

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