Your lockdown beardy questions answered

We've had a few emails recently concerning the health of your beards, especially during lockdown and relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. So here are our answers plus a few other tips on keeping your beard in tip top condition.

Your lockdown beardy questions answered

What makes a beard good or bad?

Rather than ‘good’ or ‘bad’, we’d classify them as beards that are taken care of and ones that are ignored. The secret is to treat your skin well, which then allows for hair to grow fuller and eliminate problems associated with dry skin and itching. Also, diet plays a key role in the quality of hair since there is a connection between what you put into your body and what your body puts back into your beard.

Do I have to wash my beard every day?

It’s always a good idea to wash it every day, but also, you don’t want to use shampoos or soaps deeply in your beard daily. The reason for this is that natural oils produced in your skin are good for you, and if you wash them out constantly you will cause dryness. We suggest using a beard shampoo a couple of times a week, followed by a beard oil to help protect the natural oils in your skin that leads to healthy hair growth. 

Are face masks still effective when you have a beard?

In the USA an info-graphic from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recently set guidelines for men with facial hair, and that originally caused some confusion. But now it's been clarified that it is only for medical professionals who wear the N95 mask or those who are on the respirator. 

According to the info-graphic, facial hair can pose a risk to the effectiveness of masks because it may interfere with respirators that rely on a tight seal to achieve maximum protection. But in general it does seem a rather grey area with more research clearly needed to form a truly 'scientific' opinion on the matter.

However, as a caution, hospitals in England are apparently advising medical staff with more than a day’s worth of beard stubble to shave to ensure protective masks fit properly during the coronavirus crisis.

Do beard oils actually do anything?

The main complaints people have about beards are itchiness, dandruff, acne, dry skin, and brittle and unruly weak hair. A beard oil is a combination of oils that combat these common issues by hydrating, nourishing and moisturising the skin and hair. So yes, beard oils do work.

What should I do about the two-tone colour in my beard?

Embrace what makes you unique. The newly trending style of 'Salt & Pepper' beards are now being sported by many major celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo, Ben Affleck, David Beckham and George Clooney. No two beards are the same, and just as our bodies change and grow over time, so does your look and your beard. It is fascinatingly metaphorical. We suggest you love the context and unique intricacies of your own beard, and realise that too often we say “the grass is greener on the other side”. We say love your beard for what it is today, right now, and take good care of it.

What can I do about patches?

Patchy beards can be genetic, and some of them fill in over time. Patches are filled in in a couple of ways: firstly by simply allowing the surrounding hair to grow longer and fill in the gaps. But the best way to deal with patchy facial hair is to keep your skin well cared for by feeding it natural oils and keeping it clean and hydrated. Over time the follicles will thicken and fill in the patches in the same way. That, and eating well, will fill in other parts of your body. Like most things, care, patience, and persistence will get you all that you desire and more.

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